How to Safely Clean & Protect Matte Wheels!

Matte Surfaces are all the rage right now, but many don’t realize that they require special care and maintenance. As many detailers and owners have found out the hard way, using regular products on sensitive matte surfaces could cause unwanted shine. Matte paint and wraps aren’t one of those surfaces that you clean with trial and error. You must know the proper chemicals and methods to clean the sensitive surface before ever starting to avoid irreversible damage.

  • Steg 1 - How to Safely Clean & Protect Matte Wheels!

    Today, Hector will look specifically at aftermarket matte wheels and the products used to clean them. What would you use to clean them and how? Watch to learn the steps Hector takes and the products he will use to clean the matte wheels without compromising the sensitive finish!

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